Shelling services for non-commercial/home growers are by appointment only; no walk-ins accepted. Commercial weight minimum applies. CLICK HERE to read our non-commercial FAQ.


Caprock Shelling offers large-scale pecan processing services with a focus on commercial clients. As food industry retailers ourselves, we approach each batch with the same stringent standards we apply to our own stock while continuously striving to exceed benchmarks in health and safety practices. 

Home/individual growers: Click here to read frequently asked questions regarding our non-commercial shelling services.

Shelling Process


At dropoff, in-shell nuts are documented and weighed using state-inspected scales legal for trade.


While in the shell, pecans undergo a proprietary sanitation process to eliminate external pathogens and prime the nut for cracking.


Nuts travel through a conveyer system into our cracker that is continuously monitored and carefully calibrated for each batch.

Aspiration & Shelling

After cracking, nuts are fed through an vacuum channel to reduce shell fragments. Pecans move through a tumbling apparatus to gently remove nut meat from unwanted shell and pith.


Shelled pecans pass through a series of screens to automatically separate halves from pieces.


Our state-of-the-art Meyer color sorter uses RGB and infrared technology to remove less-desirable nuts in accordance with stringent parameters.

Visual Inspection

Shelled and sorted pecans undergo a final hand inspection.


Nuts are packaged according to customer preference.


Commercial orders are moved into cold storage to preserve freshness until pickup.

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